Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long do I have to stay Still?
A: just a split second. back in the day exposures could take up to 2 mins depending on lighting but when I shoot studio work I light with very powerful modern flashes so the exposure is instant. (exposures made outside are still the same as it was in 1860 ... so they can get long but usually 1-30 seconds depending on lighting)

Q: Can you shoot groups, dogs, kids?
A: Yes but with some limitations, We can shoot groups of up to 3 in a studio flash scenario, but outside as long as the group can stay still we can shoot as many people as you like.  As for kids and dogs as long as we can get them to stay fairly still so they don't go out of focus (the focus is VERY thin of these style of camera's) we can photograph them no problem, best done in Studio.

Q: How long will it take to make each picture?
A: About 10-15 Mins. It takes about 4-5 Mins to get the plate ready to photograph (during this time I'm happy to explain the process as I go) then 5 - 10 more to shoot it + Develop it right in front of you.  then you simply need to give me another 15-20 mins to run the image though the final chemicals before I can box it up for you to take home. that said I can usually shoot 5-6 4X5 Plates in an hour.

Q: Can we get multiple prints of the same picture for groups.
A: Unfortunately no. Each tintype is a unique one of a kind original, and each one must be made individually and separately. If a group wants multiple pictures they will need to sit to have multiple frames made of them. but thats also what makes them so special.

Q: Can I hire you to come to my: staff party, film wrap party, birthday, prized boat, cabin, motorcycle race, wedding, ect. To shoot some Tintypes
A: Absolutely,I designed the trike specially to allow me to go anywhere and photograph anything + would love to work with you to make a Tintype that will last generations of whatever it is you dream of.  That said I can only physically produce so many in set amount of time so that can limit the amount I am able to do in one night. Please contact me with any questions regarding events or commissions. 

Q: Is it made with real silver?
A: YES IT IS. The bath used to make Tintype's light sensitive is Silver nitrate, quite simply it's a brick of silver turned into a crystallized form and then mixed with distilled water so that I can dunk my plates into them to then be photographed. what you end up with is an images made out of real silver on top of a metal sheet.

Q: how long will my tintype last.
A: The tintypes that were shot in 1860 are still around today. Depending on a few factors tintypes can last 160 + Years.

 Q: I Got my tintype done at an event, Is it finished?
A: Not completely. Due to time constraints at events in order for you to take them home the same day I am unable to VARNISH them, that seals them from air and protects the top layer from any damage, But worry not its easy to do yourself and the stuff you need to do it can be ordered off amazon, the link will show you hows its done! generally tintypes should be sealed within a month of them getting made but unvarnished ones still last a long time but run the risk of getting an aged patina.